RAWALPINDI - Water supply from Rawal Dam to WASA for the citizens of Rawalpindi has been scaled down by 3 million gallons per day.

Sources told 24 million gallons water was being supplied to WASA per day earlier and now supply has been reduced by 3 million gallons reducing daily supply of water to 21 million gallons. WASA consumers and MES will receive equal impact of water supply cut with ratio of 1.5 million gallons each per day.

WASA has slashed water supply hours to the citizens in the perspective of this development. Availability of water has now been curtailed  from one hour to 45 minutes. Decision to lower water supply scale has been taken in view of prevailing water situation in the dam and anticipated short spell of rain in future.

WASA while confirming the report of reduction in water supply said that the decision on water rationing had been taken in the interest of the citizens to ensure smooth supply of water to the citizens in summer season in the event of less rains. The deficiency in water supply will be met through tube wells.

INP adds: The tube well of Civil Lines Scheme has broken down causing water shortage to the residents of the locality.

The tube well is not working, deepening the water crisis in the area, the residents complained. They demanded concerned authorities to ensure provision of water supply at the earliest.

WASA Managing Director Raja Shoukat Mehmood, when contacted, said that water being provided to Civil Lines through water tankers on the account of dysfunctional tubewells, adding that workers were busy in repairing tubewell to ensure provision of water supply to the locality at the earliest.