It’s now second week since KPK government and its political partners have stopped movement of trucks carrying NATO equipment being withdrawn from Afghanistan. Apparently they have been protesting against drone attacks which are targeting commanders and senior leadership of Pakistani and Afghan Taliban. Despite the blockade of NATO forces withdrawal, drone attacks have continued whenever a high profile target is identified. World has failed to grasp the wisdom and argument put forward by Imran Khan and his partners that US should not drone the terrorists; it’s Pakistan military’ job to eliminate them; at the same time he is unable to understand that in view of Pak militarys’ inability to get to the terrorists holed up in inaccessible hostile mountainous hideouts, drone is the only viable option. In fact, drone is the only weapon terrorists are afraid of.

History has proved that when Pakistan stopped NATO supplies in 2011 for some months, it did not provide leverage to stop the drones, therefore instead of wasting party workers talents and energies on highways, one may suggest to Imran Khan to mobilize his party workforce for some other noble task. For example, why don’t they protest against abduction and killing of teachers and paramedical staff vaccinating the children in Waziristan for polio? Why don’t they protest against social evils such as Sawara (where a young girl is forcibly married as part of punishment for a crime committed by her male relative); it’s a hateful custom entangled in tribal culture.

Why don’t they protest against bombing of girl’s schools and health centers in KPK and tribal areas? Why don’t they protest against those leaders who have declared droned terrorists as martyrs while Pak military soldiers sacrificing their lives as ‘merely dead people’. Why don’t they protest against those parties which joined hands to bar women from voting in Upper and Lower Dir during May 2013 elections? We know this is not going to happen because criticizing others is quite easy but facing the truth is a difficult thing.


Saudi Arab, December 1.