It is every citizen’s duty to pay the taxes, in my endeavor to be a good citizen I went to pay my Motor Vehicle tax; however it seems as if our unfortunate and deprived government is very reluctant to accept tax payments from its citizens. I went to pay the MV tax at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) located in DHA Karachi. There was no one at the desk that deals with Excise and Taxes (E&T) available to receive the tax. I waited for an hour and when no one turned up I left the bank to try my luck at another branch.

I then went to try my luck at the NBP Model Branch Kehkashan Clifton. The E&T staff at the branch said that their system was down and the customers must either wait or come the next day. I waited for another hour and finally left the bank without paying my tax. There may be even more examples of such callous and irresponsible behavior towards honest people who want to pay their taxes. I would like to know if there is any responsible person in our country who would address this issue?

The government should know the suffering that an average taxpayer goes through as well as the problem caused by the non-availability of tokens for one year’s tax (till Dec 2014). There are competitive exams for CSS as well as set qualification to be hired as staff in a bank, then why do we experience such blatant disregard for customer service in such service oriented organizations? Our tax department should be most vigilant but the inefficient and disinterest displayed amazes the common educated man. Can the secretary E&T personally look into this and improve this process?


Karachi, November 18.