The Quaid in his address to the officers and men of the ACK, ACK Regiments in Malir, specifically for the Armed Forces on February 21, 1947 said that they had fought many a battle on the far-flung battle-fields of the globe to rid the world of the fascist menace and made it safe for democracy. Now they had to stand guard over the development and maintenance of an Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood on their own native soil. Furthermore, the Quaid in his address to the officers of the Staff College Quetta, on June 14, 1949  also said that after talking to two very high ranking officers he discovered that they did not know the implications of the ‘Oath’ taken by the troops of Pakistan. Of course, he said an oath was only a matter of form, what was more important was the true spirit and the heart of the oath, but it was also important to understand what the oath was.

The Quaid then read out the oath prescribed at that time. It must be pointed out that the Quaid had gone to the Staff College with a copy of the oath in his pocket. He further advised the officers that the spirit of the oath was as important as the words. He also added that they should study the Constitution which was in force in Pakistan at that time to understand the legal implications when they say that they will be faithful to the Constitution of the dominion.

The oath presently prescribed for the members of the Armed Forces as given in the Second Schedule (Article 244) of the 1 973 Constitution of Pakistan is as follows, “I…., do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan and uphold the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which embodies the will of the people, that I will not engage in any political activities whatsoever and I will honestly and faithfully serve Pakistan in the Pakistan Army (or Navy or Air Force) as required by and under the law.” This letter just meant to remind the COAS what our Quaid expects from him.


Lahore, ­December01