Once Karachi used to be a peaceful and beautiful city and Karachites used to live fear free and peaceful lives. Brotherhood and harmony was everywhere. There were sights to visit such as the Mazar-e-Quaid, sea side and old British era architecture was worth seeing. What happened to our Karachi now? The city of lights, the city of peace and harmony has turned into a city of terror and blood. The word Karachi is now associated with bomb blasts and firings, kidnapping and extortion.

Some enemies from within are trying to sabotage this city for personal gains, they are spreading ethnic, cultural and religious difference among the people. Casualties have become a matter of figures and numbers and not surprisingly in the absence of violence people become worried as it portends more violence to come. I would like to urge our government to step up the ‘Karachi Action’; they should also build up a comprehensive, mutual plan to safeguard the city and the country alike by involving all political parties and other stakeholders to deal with the menace of bombing and other acts of terrorism on a priority basis. There is a need of political will to resolve this issue without any delay.

I urge the rulers and political parties, that public holidays and strikes after any incident is not a solution as closure of business is not only a disaster for the daily wage earners and labourers but for the mid to large size industries. Educational institutes also face challenges because they stay closed for two or three days every week due to one reason or another. It may not be very easy but it is achievable if the state demonstrates a will to curtail the violence and reins in political party’s terror groups from the city as well as from grass root level administration in departments such as police.


Karachi, December 1.