The opportunists derive benefit from the long closure of petroleum products’ sale by the filling stations as they overcharged the consumers at their makeshift setups.

At various points in Sialkot City, Sialkot Cantt, Daska, Sambrial, Bhopalwala, Uggoki, Bajwat, Satrah, Mianwali Bangla, Qila Kalarwala, Pasrur, Chawinda, Badiana and surrounding areas, they sold petrol at up to Rs180 per liter.

On the other hand, the majority of the people suffered great ordeal due to paucity of petrol and CNG in Sialkot district. Especially, the students of government and private educational institutions and the thousands of industrial workers suffered great difficulties in their transportation as their transport vehicles remained stuck due to non-availability of fuel.

Meanwhile, the filling stations’ administrations said that the government was not providing them with these products at reduced prices. The main reason behind the petrol paucity was stated to be that the owners of the filling stations kept their filling stations closed, displaying that petrol was available.

Meanwhile, the consumers flayed the owners of the filling stations and the government for critical situation. The perturbed people urged the government to take serious notice of the situation.