ISLAMABAD- Opposition parties in National Assembly (NA) have voiced strong protest over baton charging by police, against blind persons in Lahore while Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) has staged walk out  from the house.

Condemning police violence against blind persons, JI parliamentary leader Sahibzada Tariq Ullah said as to why the disabled persons are being exploited. If disabled persons had staged sit-in then president should have visited them and heard their problems. “We stage walk out on this occasion”, he added.

Syed Asif Husnain from MQM said “tell us if police is not in the control of Punjab government. Suspending four or five persons is not enough.” Rajjab Ali from PML-N said “police violence against blind persons is a sorrowful incident. Blind persons were not subjected to baton charging as I have not witnessed it on TV. However they were pushed and due to which four or five persons fell on the ground.”

MQM parliamentary leader Abdul Rashid Godail said, “wall chalking in respect of Daish is going on but interior minister is denying it. People from Daish are present in Lahore, what is the government waiting for. Is it waiting when Daish will occupy territories here like Iraq and Syria? The top terrorist of Daish has been arrested from Lahore but nation is not being informed about him despite his arrest. Government and interior ministry should inform the nation timely so that people could deliberate over this matter,” he demanded.