Pakistan needs to empower

manufacturing sector

LAHORE  (Staff Reporter): President Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Shah Faisal Afridi said in a statement that in order to get full benefit of free trade agreements with China, Pakistan has to devise a strategy to review and empower its manufacturing sector and recast it according to the market trends in China. He said that chambers of commerce and selected people from Trade and Commerce should be channeled to conduct Market Research of items that are given duty free access in China and then manufacturing of such items should be enhanced, he added. Faisal Afridi stressed upon the need to further explore bilateral trade prospects.

He was of the view that extensive marketing of Pakistani products is crucial. He said that the Ambassadors and Consul Generals abroad, are the eyes and ears of Pakistan. Their aggressive efforts to promote Pakistan and marketing of Pakistani products are imperative.

Govt policy unclear to issue wheat

to flour mills

LAHORE  (Staff Reporter): Wheat releases from government godowns to flour millers could not pick up momentum due to unclear policy of Punjab food department about its rates and quota of wheat for the mills. Former chairman of Pakistan Flour Mills Association Dr Bilal Sufi said government is issuing wheat to millers at Rs 1280 per 40 kg in four divisions only. The decision to this effect was conveyed first to respective divisions and after demand from millers of other five divisions the release of wheat was stopped to even mills of four divisions. This confusion will cause a huge loss to food department and government of Punjab.

Dr. Bilal Sufi demanded the Punjab govt as well as director food to adopt a realistic policy by releasing equal quantity of wheat at one rate to all mills in all divisions of the province, as presently, the Food Department is adopting discriminatory attitude in various districts.

Out of stock: PSO stops jet fuel supply to PIA

KARACHI (Online): Pakistan State Oil (PSO) Wednesday stopped supply of jet fuel to Pakistan International Airlines as it runs out of stock. PSO spokesperson said that the refinery which provides jet fuel to PSO has refused to supply it on credit. The state oil company, which provides jet fuel to nine airports in the country, has asked petroleum ministry to intervene and convince the refinery to continue supplying fuel to PSO. The refiners had stopped supply of jet fuel to PSO due to non payment. According to PSO authorities PIA owes PSO Rs 12 billion and as soon as the dues are paid PSO will pay to refiners and the supply of petrol will start.

It merits mentioning that PSO supplies PIA fuel on credit at 9 airports nationwide including Karachi and Lahore.

FSC playing pivotal role

lahore (Staff Reporter): The Foundry Service Center (FSC), set up by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) in collaboration with University of Engineering & Technology (UET) and Pakistan Foundry Association (PFA), is playing pivotal role in revival of the foundry industry in Pakistan. It was stated by Mr. Alamgir Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer, SMEDA while giving a presentation on establishment of the Center at 5th International Foundry Congress held at a local hotel under aegis of PFA. SMEDA CEO informed that FSC project was designed by SMEDA on demand of Pakistan Foundry Association at the cost of Rs.179-40 million. The land for this project was provided by UET.

Whereas, the funds were obtained by SMEDA from Ministry of Industries, government of Pakistan under Public Sector Development Program.

Gas for thermal plants demanded

LAHORE (PR): The Prime Minister should develop the sources of electricity through hydel and provide gas to thermal power stations instead of relying on furnace oil which 12 times costlier. Adequate seniority to field staff be provided to check the pilferage of energy and recovery of its dues from the consumers. Effective measures be taken to provide security of the line staff for providing safe working condition since more than 200 Linemen became victim of electrocution and many became permanent disabled.The conference was addressed by veteran trade union leader Khurshid Ahmed, Gen Secy of the Union, Latif Nizamani, President, Ramzan Achakzai, Ghulam Rasool,  Iqbal Baloch, Rana Abdul Shakoor,  Iqbal Dar and Wali-ur-Rehman.