KARACHI- As Pakistan Army fights militants in North Wazirisitan, the presence of non-state elements in Pakistan has complicated the internal security situation, this was stated by Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif on Thursday while addressing the Eighth International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 2014 in Karachi. He further said solving Kashmir issue was necessary tohave peace in the region.

"Sometimes security of the whole region can be threatened by a single unresolved issue such as Palestine and Kashmir and obviously necessitating a regional approach to conflict resolution," he said.

He added that the meaning of security has evolved into a larger context over time, and more happens in a decade now than it used to take centuries to happen in the past. Hence, trying to predictthe future needs careful thought.

"In a nutshell, the word security has already transformed into a much larger context that would not have made sense only 20 years ago," the army chief added.

In the world today, security does not only apply to borders, but securing our cultures and way of life are also seen as primary security concerns.

Speaking about the terror threats faced by Pakistan, General Raheel said the current conflict mechanisms were unable to handle these. “The forces of disorder have threatened the traditional structures of order,” he added.

During his visit on the 4thday of the exhibition, General Raheel visited stalls of defenseequipment and exchanged views with foreign delegates at the Expo Centre.

The army chief was accompanied by Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force chiefs.

The exhibition showcased defense equipment including aircraft, tanks, ammunition, APCs and ships, building and communicationsrelated equipment made by 77 Pakistani firms.

Various foreign firms also displayed products specific to Pakistan’s challenges. Over all around 256 defense equipment manufacturers, took part in IDEAS 2014.