LAHORE: The Young Nurses Association staged a demonstration at Children’s Hospital on Wednesday to protest against manhandling of husband of one of their colleagues last night. The nurses from all the departments gathered outside admin block of Children’s Hospital to record protest against inhuman attitude of security guards.

Chairperson YNA Amat-ul-Inayat said the security guards tortured husband of staff nurse Saima Tuesday night. She said security guards stopped Saima’s husband at the gate when he came to drop her during the night shift on his motorbike.

The guards asked Imtiaz to drop Saima at the entrance. When Imtiaz insisted to come inside, the guards tortured and he got multiple fractures on leg. She alleged that the management paid no heed to the request of nurses that caused them resort to protest. After successful negotiations and payment of Rs 100,000 against expenses incurred on the treatment of the victim, YNA called off protest.–Staff Reporter