Civil Services Reforms has become a buzz word now a day. Everyone loves to prescribe the remedy without diagnosing the real cause of deteriorated state of affairs of government services. Did anyone ever try to find out the reason behind the demoralisation of the civil servants? It’s the difference of service structure among various occupational groups. The privileged groups have timely (or before time) promotions, chance to avail postings of their choice on political backing (many examples of junior officers working against higher posts), good accommodations, the prerequisites for morale boosting of the officers. While poor souls, belonging to less privileged groups have to wait for years to get their due promotion. Many a service groups don’t have any kind of accommodate available for them when they are under training. Despite joining the most respected white collar job, there are no proper offices to sit in. The officers have to fight for petty things with their fellows. Under these circumstances how can the civil servants deliver when they find it hard to make both ends meet. The authorities concerned are required to eliminate this inter group disparity and give equal privileges to all civil servants.


Lahore, December 2.