LAHORE - PTI will neither resort to confrontational tactics while pursuing the protest demonstration in the provincial capital on December 15 nor allows anyone for shutter down and confrontation under the cover of the party, says PTI Punjab president Ijaz Chaudhary.

Ijaz expressed these views while addressing a press conference at party’s provincial secretariat on Wednesday after chairing a meeting concerning fresh protest call part of Azadi drive to block major cities of the country.

He said that PTI believes in meaningful dialogue and would be ready to hold the same but it would not fall in the trap of the government in the garb of non-serious talks.

Ijaz claimed that Constitution provides them the right to protest against injustice and in the course of staging protests they could block the cities. However, he added that PTI would not block the way of ambulances and citizens travelling in high emergencies.

About the blocking points during the upcoming protests in Punjab, he said that the strategy on this count would be decided with the consent of concerned district leaderships sometime before the demonstrations.

The Nation in a news report published on December 3 revealed that PTI Punjab chapter leadership had decided to avoid with the law enforcers and not to make bids to takeover the public buildings during the course of December 15 protest call for provincial capital. It was also revealed in the report that some of the party leaders were of the suggestion that party should bring a little commotion.

However the proposal was rejected by the PTI traders’ wing who strongly thinks that such an idea would prove counter-productive.

In fact the PTI leadership had made the decision after the Rangers deputation on December 15 to protect the public buildings and under the impression that the paramilitary force could be given the task of maintaining overall law and order in case of confrontation.

Meanwhile, PML-Q leaders belonging to District Okara have announced joining the PTI in a meeting with provincial president. The new inclusions include Chaudhary Azhar, Sher Afghan Moakal and Sheharyar Moakal.