Commuters have yet to derive benefit from the cut in petroleum products’ prices as the transporters are not implementing Re1 cut in fares announced by the Regional Transport Authority.

The government has made a drastic cut in the prices of petroleum products. At an energy conference, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hinted at further cut in the prices of petroleum products. The reduction will ease inflationary pressure on the people.

The district administration of Nankana Sahib, the RTA and the traffic police have failed to keep a check on transporters overcharging let alone implementing the Re1 reduction in fares. Neither the traffic police nor the RTA officials take action against transporters for overcharging.

“The government makes tall claims about providing benefit for the people but the situation on the ground is different as the local government has failed to implement its own prices of edibles and fares,” a passenger said. Muhammad Asif, a resident of Iqbalpura, said the transporters had made a cartel. He said, “For instance, if a passenger protests against overcharging, conductors offload them and other transporters refuse to take them to the destination.”

On the other hand, the transporters were of the view that the government had issued the fare list in commensurate with the CNG price. Since CNG is not available, the government should further increase the fares keeping in view the petrol prices, they added.