ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday approved 300 percent increase in the assistance package for the government employees dying in government service.

The new package was announced in October last year, but was held in abeyance since February 9 this year by the government on account of financial burden.

The authorities were dealing with the cases after February 9 under the 2006 package despite protests from the victim families as the older package did not guarantee as much social security as the 2014 plan provided.

Under the revised assistance package, 300 percent increase has been given in lump sum grant over the package of 2006. The package will be effective from February 9, 2015, to compensate the protesters who were paid according to the 2006 package.

The package includes several benefits for the heirs of deceased employees and for the officers and officials who were incapacitated or injured in encounters, bomb blasts, riots, watch and ward duty or terrorist activity.

According to the new plan, in case of death of an employee during service, a lump sum grant of Rs 600,000 will be paid from BPS-1 to BPS-4, Rs 900,000 from BPS-5 to BPS-10, Rs 1.2 million from scale BPS-11 to BPS-15, Rs 1.5 million from BPS-16 to BPS-17, Rs 2.4 million from BPS-18 to BPS-19 and Rs 3 million from BPS-20 and above. Up to Rs 10 million will be given in case of security-related deaths according to scales.

The officers/officials getting incapacitated and being released from service because of invalidity as a result of injury in encounters/bomb blasts, riots/watch and ward duty or terrorist activity would be paid Rs 700,000. The officers/officials getting incapacitated as a result of injury in incidents of terrorism, but still serving the departments, would be paid Rs 500,000.

They would also be entitled to other facilities provided in the package to the families of deceased civil servants.

The package includes other benefits like 100 percent pension to the families of deceased government servants as per their length of service and last pay drawn, retention of government house of or payment of rent of hired house till the age of superannuation, free education to all the children up to graduation in any public educational institution and discontinuation of the entitlement of two percent quota for allotment of plot and payment of lump sum grants in lieu of a plot subject to the condition that no plot had been allotted in the past.

In case of less than 10 years service of the deceased employees, rate of minimum 10 years service will be applicable.

It recommends employment for posts in BPS-1 to BPS-15 on two years contract without advertisement, marriage grant amounting to Rs 800,000 on wedding of one daughter and monthly benevolent grant. In case of advance against salaries sanctioned by the Accountant General Pakistan Revenue or the provincial AG Office, the unpaid balance will be waived.