LAHORE - Everything is fair in love and war. When they were in love and were married to each other, Imran Khan and Reham Khan were regarded as an ideal couple.

But after separation, Reham does not like even to stay in the hotel where her former hubby Imran Khan had a booking.

Before landing at Lahore airport on his return to the country on Thursday, Reham Khan had booked a room in a local five star hotel. But when she came to know that Imran Khan was also a guest there, she dropped the idea of staying there and got a room in another five star hotel.

After a month of her divorce with PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan has finally returned to Pakistan.

Soon after she landed here, Reham Khan said she did not come to hold meeting with any political leader but for work.

The former wife of PTI chairman, who stayed for over a month in Britain since the divorce, landed at Allama Iqbal International Airport on Thursday noon.

Talking to the media here, the former TV anchor said that she hails from Pathan roots and knows how to respond to hostility. “None could harm me,” she told the reporters.

She lashed out at the certain factions and said that Pakistanis are used to silencing a woman with foul language. “I will not sit quiet when my children are being attacked on national media. If one is innocent and people lash out at me for no reason, I should not sit back,” she stated.

Answering a question, Reham said that she already has taken Imran Khan’s “interview” and is not in Pakistan to meet anyone.

The former BBC weather girl challenged the critics to support their accusations and criticism with proofs. She also said that Faisal Wawda’s family was always welcoming to her; however, she denied taking funds from Wawda for any purpose.