The recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Britain should be an eye opener for our leadership. He was awarded a warm welcome in the Britain where ranks of Scots Guards received him. He saw a ceremonial fly-past by the Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team. He gave a speech to the British Parliament. Queen Elizbeth II hosted a lunch for him and Prime Minister David Cameroon offered his country retreat Chequers for his night stay.

It is the same Narendra Modi who, before his appointment as Prime Minister of India, was denied a British visa on account of his alleged role in Gujrat riots in which 20,000 Muslims were killed. This time the British changed their hearts because he was representing his country.

Britain and India announced major business deals and cultural exchanges during Mr. Modi’s trip. The two countries announced $14 billion in business deals, including a two-billion-pound British investment in solar power in India and more than one billion pounds to fund the expansion of India ‘s rail network and other related projects.

On the contrary, our leadership’s visit to Britain usually confines to a few low-note meetings which mainly focus on security issues. During visits our leadership is usually pressed to ‘do more’ on security front and make efforts to eliminate terrorist threat and their sanctuaries from our country. Our leadership does appeal for direct investment but is turned down on grounds of insecurity in the country.

Our leadership should learn lessons and make efforts to make the country safe and secure for foreign investment. The country can be made investment friendly only by bringing peace and eliminating the threats to the safety and security of the country.


Peshawar, November 16.