Maiza Hameed, MNA - The loved and the rich needs no shelter, it is the poor who is hungry, naked and homeless. It is said that Governments are to take care and protect minorities, but again, not every government is able to safeguard the rights of minorities and empower them to fight for their rights and for a better life.

We all human beings have the tendency of self-destruction and intolerance. Why is it so? Why do we have so much hatred in our hearts for each other, for other religions, people and sects? Why we are letting devils to use scriptures for their own purposes? Knowing the fact that we all are creation of the same God and have to die, making us all equal. Living in this world, where few of us for their own nefarious designs manipulate the beliefs of minorities. It is now time to realise the significance of giving respect and love to each other and not to consider minorities’ pariah but an indispensible part of this society and economy instead. It is to serve the basic concept of “Humanity”, which is vital and transcends all religions and boundaries. We have to leave behind the mundane excuses to disrespect each other; because all the religions of the world advocate love & peace. Then why do we attack each other on one pretext or the other?

Now the great challenge is to uphold the spirit of justice, democracy and liberalism for all and sundry in a society irrespective of colour, cast and creed; for powerful and weak alike. If we look into other countries, In India for instance we would witness some astounding, “democratic glamour” presented to the world in recent few days. India’s flawed handling of minorities has turned into an emotional disaster and has given space to the religious intolerance; putting the democratic norms and freedom at the back burner. We call this “democratic glamour” where people are in a constant state of fear due to exploitation of certain minorities but the world is shown that the secular state is protecting all without any discrimination. Whoever digs a pit falls into it and if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on it”, at this point we can only hope to live in peace with each other and for that to happen someone really needs to take a stand.

While such a state continues across border, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, came out to be seen with an entirely different stance quite likely of a Leader, who profoundly worked on mitigating all the differences and distances amongst all the religions; in order to bring much needed coherence in national ranks, so that they can be recognized only as the citizens of Pakistan. It is commendable that he came forward with the universal message of love & peace amongst the people of all the religions.

The Diwali is an occasion which signifies the victory of good over evil; and this was what Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did, he gave the message of peace and love to the world, and instigated the Muslims to disseminate love and happiness not only to Hindus but all the minorities in Pakistan. He even showed his resolve that if a Hindu is wronged and a Muslim is aggressor he would be the first to stand against that. This is the real spirit of universal humanity and we saw an ample proof on the occasion of Diwali; the way it was celebrated and the head of the government spared time to celebrate with Hindu minority, it is indeed a good sign not only to bring confidence among other minorities in Pakistan but also paved a way for healthy relations with our Eastern neighbour.

He assured that any citizen of Pakistan be it Hindu or Muslim, if wronged is bound to have an access to justice. This is the true spirit of Diwali where love rules supreme and this time here in Pakistan we witnessed the show of unity with our minorities and the world was given the message that Pakistan is committed to peace and treats its citizens equally irrespective of the beliefs they hold. They all are part of the nation which is called Pakistan. But unfortunately we could not witness such a spectacle across the border, it is trumpeted that it is world’s largest secular democracy but minorities were seen exploited; in a brutal show of suppression a Muslim was beaten to death for allegedly eating the cow meat, if such things are committed against Indian’s largest minority, what could possibly happen to other minorities there. Pakistan yet again extended its resolve for universal peace and humanity on the very occasion of Diwali and it is hoped that this is emulated not in every nook and corner of Pakistan but in Neighboring India.

It is the true picture of democracy and being a “People’s person”, he is trying utmost to keep justice alive, because justice delayed is justice denied. This is how you get to change the destiny of your People and Nation. The Prime Minister has been actually delivering on what other countries have merely been promising since long but as it is an unfolding truth that if you do something good you meet an opposition as well it gets hard for some around you to digest your good deeds, as they are threatened by your tough acts you follow. We should not be so tolerant even to tolerate the intolerance, which is not less than a war within; and an obstacle to the growth of a true liberal democracy. If we succeed in putting a stop on legislative attempts upon religion, we can end this religious persecution and dogmatism. Where peace reigns supreme and what fine words from Shakespeare: “A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.”