Islamabad - The process for smooth transition to the Local Governments (LGs) in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) is starting today (Friday) with the Transition Committee holding its maiden session to formulate a transition mechanism and schedule.

The maiden meeting of the committee will be held here with the primary agenda of setting deadlines/target dates for carrying out tasks as per the Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the committee. However, any other issue related to transition to LGs system in ICT can also be discussed, reads the working paper seen by The Nation.

The committee has been tasked with devising transition mechanism for implementation of ICT Local Government Act, 2015.

According to the ToRs of the committee, it will identify departments under CDA and ICT that need to be devolved to Metropolitan Corporation (MC) Islamabad/Union Councils along with assets, human resources etc. It will also devise a mechanism/formula for distribution of financial resources between CDA/ICT and MC/UCs.

The sources said that the committee would also finalise one-time grant to the LGs till provision of regular budget besides formulating a transition schedule. It will also nominate interim authorities to carryout functions of the respective LGs, if required, till transition is complete, the sources added. The committee can, on its own, make any recommendations related to the smooth transition to LGs setup in ICT. “This will be the first meeting of the committee in which a broader outline for smooth transition to the ICT LGs will be devised. The complete transition to the LGs will definitely take time, may be months,” a senior official at the Ministry of Interior told The Nation yesterday. The sources said that the representatives of Interior Ministry, ICT administration and CDA will attend the meeting.

The exercise follows the first-ever LGs election held on November 30 this year. The ICT LGs comprise 50 UCs, each headed by an elected chairman. The UCs chairmen will be the members of the ICT Metropolitan Corporation which is likely to take over administrative and financial control and development work of the federal capital.