Islamabad - Nobel Peace Laureate Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Karman said Thursday that terrorism can be beaten with love and women would have to play integral role in peace dissemination.

The first Arab woman Nobel Peace Laureate expressed these views on the occasion of her visit to the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) here at Faisal Masjid. “Muslim women must be given due opportunities of leadership as they are integral part of the society,” Tawakkol Abdel-Salam said. She added that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism as it is a religion of moderation and peace. Tawakkol Karman is a Yemeni journalist and human rights activist. She is a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the first Yemeni, the first Arab woman, and the second Muslim woman to win a Nobel Prize and the second youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date.

She took keen interest in the architecture of the Faisal Mosque where she was briefed by the IIUI officials regarding Faisal Masjid and role of IIUI. She also lauded IIUI’s services for Muslim Ummah and stressed that universities such as IIUI can play vital role in the promotion of peace and brotherhood. She appreciated the facilities of learning integrated with teachings of Islam being given to the female students at IIUI.

She also visited the Islamic Research Institute of IIUI where Director IRI Dr. Muhammad Zia apprised her about the role of institute and termed her visit as an honor for university.