KARACHI: At least 67 operations were carried out by law enforcement agencies in the metropolis during the month of November, said a report released by security officials Sunday.

According to the report, 18 suspected terrorists were killed while 24 others were arrested on account of various terror activities. It added that 31 people became victims of target killing and 74 were injured in numerous firing incidents.

Karachi Police also revealed details of peace initiatives taken during the month. The police carried out 2,105 raids in which 3,638 suspects were taken into custody.

A Karachi Police spokesperson said that during the operations conducted last month, 394 people were arrested for illegal arms possession, while 389 drug dealers, 13 extortionists, and 14 people allegedly involved in killings were taken into custody.

He added that during the encounters in November, 18 criminals were killed, whereas 24 suspects were arrested for involvement in various terrorist activities.

The police also arrested 39 proclaimed offenders and 408 escapees, and recovered 16 Kalashnikovs, 62 rifles, six LMGs, 515 handguns and 42 hand grenades, said the spokesperson.