ISLAMABAD -  Jamaat Islami on Saturday urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to appoint Enquiry & Trial Commission and declare the Panama Leaks papers as its basic document.

JI Ameer Sirajul Haq filed the fresh application in the apex court, saying that all persons indicated in the Panama papers along with their families, children, companies and business entities be made respondents, and shall have right to submit their reply in their own defence and in rebuttal to allegations mentioned in the Panama papers.

It said the Federal Board of Revenue and Election Commission of Pakistan shall submit copies of Tax Return, including details of properties, assets etc., in and out of country, along with copies of documents and papers before the Enquiry & Trial Commission within specified period.

The Enquiry & Trial Commission shall issue orders and make such arrangements to get information, documents, papers from other relevant countries as per international laws, pacts, conventions, treaties, including United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) specially provisions of Mutual Legal Assistance Request (MLAR) and Stolen Assets Recovery (STAR) initiative.

The commission shall order FIA, NAB and/or other authorities, as deemed necessary, to investigate or enquire or study the available record, papers and information available on the record and submit report about the legal position of the matter which is before Enquiry & Trial Commission within specified period.

It shall order for forensic audit of all such record, papers documents, statements, tax returns and other available evidences and papers by a Forensic Audit Firm having good reputation and international standards.

The Enquiry & Trial Commission shall constitute sub-commissions, as deemed necessary, for multi-dimensional requirements, consisting of serving judges of high courts.

It has the powers of a court under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan C.P.C, Cr.P.C, Contempt of Court laws, Supreme Court Rules and other laws of the land, and shall exercise inherent powers of the court to adjudicate justice, and shall take steps/measures according to Principles of Natural Justice.