Islamabad - The 6th ‘Pakistan Mountain Festival’ kicked off yesterday to commemorate the International Mountain Day.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Adventure Club to provide an opportunity to youth for exploring their potential to challenge the rough environment at the Jasmin Corner, Daman e Koh, in the Margalla Hills National Park.

Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan Junya Matsuura and President Islamabad Devcom Centennial Leo Club Shaaref Munir were the guests of honour. 

Several events will be organized in the week-long festival to raise awareness about the importance of mountains and to mainstream the mountain culture and products. 

Youth from different educational institutions participated in the event. The experienced youth enjoyed the climbing while the new ones were given the basic lessons. 

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief of Mission of Japan said that rock climbing nurtures the challenging nature in youth.

“It is a wonderful sport to prepare youth to meet the harsh and wild environment. The climbing makes youth strong and confident,” he said. 

President Devcom said that nature brings true spirit of life in youth.

“Mountain climbing inculcates spirit to fight against the odds and love for the nature,” he said.

He said the Margalla Hills National Park is full of natural diversity that is a great treasure for the locals and nature lovers but stone crushers and housing mafia are destroying the national park.

President Adventure Club Tahir Imran Khan said, “We have thin opportunities to engage our youth in adventure sports and there is no patronage and funds available from the government.”

He said the non-governmental organizations are trying to promote the adventure sports on self-help basis.

Participant, Maham Tariq said rock climbing is an adventure sport that boosts the confidence and prepare the climber for any untoward situations.

Kiran Khan, another participant, was of the view that the climbing was healthy exercise that makes the bodies strong, and mentally sharp to avoid risks.