Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign

Affairs Sartaj Aziz said Pakistan was ready to talk with India and

discuss the issue of terrorism within the framework of a comprehensive dialogue agreed upon on the sidelines of last year’s Heart of Asia.

Sartaj Aziz told the Indian newspaper-The Sunday Express on Saturday  that he was in Amritsar to show his commitment to Afghanistan’s peace and security.

“I am here to attend the Heart of Asia meeting and, by coming here, we

are showing our commitment to, first of all, to the importance of Heart

of Asia for Afghanistan’s peace and security.”

“I am also here to show our commitment to peace and security of the

region, and commitment to promote multilateral peace for this purpose,”  Aziz said.

He said that his presence in India was an indication that Pakistan was

ready for bilateral talks.

“If India shows any interest, I would certainly like to meet. I do not

think we need to request for a meeting. We are here, so we will see how it goes,” Aziz said.

Pakistan, he said, was “desirous” of peace. “Peace requires

dialogue, any issues can be discussed across the table than through the media. If we do not have structured dialogue, then the dialogue through media increases hostility and increases negative perceptions,” Aziz said.

“Whenever India is ready, we will be ready. Terrorism is a subject

under the comprehensive dialogue, when we meet, we can discuss that also,” he said.