ISLAMABAD -  Head of Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Executive Committee and Pakistan Super League (PSL) chairman Najam Sethi revealed in a recent interview that a top-tier international cricket team will soon visit the country to play a bilateral series.

Sethi, who aims to revive international cricket in Pakistan after the 2009 militant attack on the Sri Lankan team bus, said: “We are in the process, as we speak, of finalising the dates [of the series]. I won’t say much more than that. And I hope we will give you some good news, soon.”

In response to the PTV Sports’ show ‘Game On Hai’s host insistence on revealing the name of the team, Sethi hinted that it will not be a second-tier team.

Sethi, who announced during the drafts for the second edition of the PSL that the final of the event will take place in Lahore, further shed light on how militant attacks are causing problems for his plan.

“We prepared for PSL [final], that it will take place in Lahore. Everyone told us that it is not possible. However, we had planned everything, we had asked players to take a little extra money and we only had to convince 10 players. We had their consent on contracts, we had finalised everything and sealed the deal, and announced it.

He continued: “But a blast took place in Quetta, it was a big event. Their [players’] agents started calling that we want to pull out. ‘You said it was safe but it is not’. Whenever a blast happens, everyone runs away.”

Sethi, however, is still optimistic that the final will take place in Lahore one way or the other. “We are still trying to work it out. I hope that nothing bad happens till February so that environment becomes conducive. And we have also taken a decision to prepare a second tier of players. Say, we need 10 players in the two finalist teams — each with five foreign players. If some of the players say that we are not ready to play, a few of them have already said that they won’t, then we should have a pool of players who can be drafted urgently,” he explained.

On a question of the possibility that the final will be withdrawn from Pakistan, Sethi said the crowd would not want third grade players to come and play in Pakistan.

“If the second grade players say no too and only third grade are available, then everyone will themselves say that we should not diminish the value of the final and let it happen in the UAE,” he said.