Islamabad - President Mamnoon Hussain on Saturday said it was the duty of every individual to take care of special persons, ensure their education and training and protect their rights.

He was speaking at a function held here at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The president said that December 3 was important in a way that on this day the Pakistani nation joins the world’s voice in reiterating its commitment that in order to achieve sustainable development goals, special people would be considered as an effective segment of the society; they will never be treated with discrimination; their rights will never let to be usurped; and in this respect awareness will be created in the society.

“These children are not inferior to anyone in any way, and they are very loving and valuable part of our society. We love them, keep them close to our hearts, and are sincerely working for their full participation in the race of life. Every day of our life is entrusted for this purpose,” he said.

Mamnoon said that Pakistan was unique among those fortunate societies, where people extend their generous cooperation for the service of humanity.

He expressed his satisfaction over the fact that the private sector was contributing a lot to the education and welfare of persons with disabilities.

The president appreciated all the institutions and their workers engaged in providing educational facilities to the special persons and children and hoped that they will continue to work for this noble cause with more dedication and skills. He said that the role of the government in this respect was more important due to the fact that various essential steps can be taken in the public sector, adding, various public sector special schools and rehabilitation centres were functioning at federal and provincial levels.

He, however, added that sincere participation of society was a must to supplement the government’s efforts.

The president while addressing the special children said, “You are an important part of our society. Not only have your parents, brothers and sisters but the whole society loved you.”

 “You should not consider yourselves inferior to anyone and believe that you can also get the education like other children and achieve the highest positions,” he added.

The president also urged the parents of children with disabilities to take special care of their children with respect to their education, health, physical activities, entertainment and their rights etc.

Similarly, he said, it was also the duty of society to pay heed to the voice of special people and children and work with sincerity for the protection of their rights.

The president directed the relevant authorities to develop an Urdu software for the education of blind people and said the presidency would extend every cooperation in this respect.

He also directed for the allocation of the special allowance for the teachers of special educational institutions. He also directed the authorities to ensure facilities for special persons at public places.

The president also assured job quota for special persons would be fully implemented. He also visited the stalls of various goods prepared by special children and appreciated their skills.

Minister of State for Capital Administration Division Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, President of the World Blind Cricket, Syed Sultan Shah and a special child student Muhammad Faraz also spoke on the occasion. The whole proceedings of the event were also presented in the “signs language”. The president also distributed shields among the special children.