Islamabad - Students of Al-Farabi School in

Nilore enthusiastically participated in the first ever children literature festival the other day, featuring a number of colourful activities.

“The idea behind the School Based CLF remains to bring the festival to the furthest corners of our city and country, and to ensure that every child gets a chance to enjoy the joy of literature and books,” said a news release issued here.

By taking the festival to their school, CLF hopes to introduce and ignite within these kids a curiosity that is the basic learning tool.

The aim always remains to help develop in children the desire to take upon skills like reading which allows them to discover for themselves a world full of wonder and adventures even beyond the confines of school and childhood.

The festival will introduce to Storytelling, Need for Education, The History Project, and Art. CLF is also partnering for this event with Dastan, who are working to redefine tradition, promote arts and culture and enlighten the masses in Pakistan.

The first School Based CLF was held on October 1, 2016 at Mashal Model School, in Bari Imam.