Islamabad-In line with the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the district administration of Islamabad capital territory (ICT) has decided two spots for setting up temporary shelter homes for homeless people. According to the ICT admin spokesman, two shelter homes will be constructed including one in I-11/4 and the other in the rural area of Tarlai as both places were busy for business activities and people mostly working in those areas have a very low income, mostly through daily wages.

In I-11/4, it will be set up on two kanals for homeless people especially for those working in fruit and vegetable market as well as for those working at Pir Wadhai bus stand, while the second one will set up in the rural area of Tarlai.  The Prime Minister is expected to inaugurate these shelter homes that would be constructed with pre-fabricated material in the upcoming two weeks. ICT chief commissioner in his initial survey has determined these places to set up the temporary shelter homes targeting people with very low income, working in those areas.  Meanwhile, Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad has also decided to reopen the temporary shelter home located in Sector G-7 for needy people.