Media is playing an important role in our society, due to alien media; Pakistani society is in danger zone. Now a days, every social class has access towards the cable networks. It has become a common household facility for all the classes. If we talk about Muslim culture then we came to know that Muslims were highly affected by Hindu’s culture. People like Indian films, dramas and even adds.

Culture is the backbone of any society, it is the identification of a nation or a country. Satellite transmission is putting a great influence in Pakistani society, but after the cable transmission the power of influence. Pakistan is a Muslim country and Pakistani culture has unique pattern of ideas, belief and values influenced by Islamic point of view. Now people like to wear sarhi, sleeveless dress, short shirts etc. In Pakistan, our drama channels are highly influenced by Indian culture. They are losing their unique culture values by showing off, glamour, romance and vulgarity etc. the effects of these things are clearly visible on the lifestyles, food, dressing, language and religion. Most of the people use hindi words like Shakti, shanti, jeeju, pati etc in their daily routine as a joke, but it clearly shows the influence of hindi culture.

We should promote our culture, our values and our thoughts through media because media has the power to change or to promote everything.


Lahore, November 20.