A week ago, I was going to the workplace by using Mari Pur road. Usually, heavy traffic including container and dumber trucks use this road and because of the lack of speed humps, they keep their vehicle at over speed.

Suddenly, I saw the throng of people, so I stopped for a while to know what had happened. There was a woman who was killed by the truck while she was crossing the road. Apparently, because the dearth of pedestrian bridges people compelled to cross the moving roads by putting their lives in jeopardy.

More saddened, three accidents happen on daily basis on account of road crossing and still, there is no any pedestrian bridge as far as the eye could see.

Now, who will go to compensate with her family, who is responsible for her demise? Apathy attitude of concerned authorities will take how many precious lives? Question mark over the efficacy of Sindh government.


Karachi, November 20.