I am writing this piece of letter to focus your attention towards a major issue prevailing in our country which is heavy dues charged by the private institution bodies from the students. Those students who can’t afford it couldn’t receive the quality education.

In current era, Education system going worse in our country. Private institutions are just polish their businesses on the name of education. Their dues are very much expensive as the underprivileged peoples can’t afford it. Talented and deserved students couldn’t avail it due to weak financial conditions. In underprivileged areas, there is a lack of educational institutions and students are being forced to getting education while sitting on the floor. This system should improve and government should structure the education system for these areas. If we talk about public institutions, so that they have no quality of education. Their faculty are incompetent and inexperienced.

Government should look into this matter and replace efficient and effective policies to improve our education system, hire competent and qualified faculty, Awarding scholarship to talented and deserving students. So that quality of education will be in everyone’s hand and deserving students could get it.


Lahore, November 20.