ISLAMABAD -The country's novice e-commerce or online Industry is facing serious threats as it is losing customers due to the involvement of fake and fraudulent entrepreneurs, delivering poor and substandard quality goods.  Most of the the shoppers said that the stuff provided was either totally fake or quality was not satisfactory as claimed by the sellers in their offers.   Asia Batool a buyer sharing her experience of online shopping said " I didn’t get anything like the advertised product and the sellers were offering just mistrust". She told that she ordered for a kid's dress but the consignment she received had no match with the product listed by the online seller. It had very poor quality and size was also inaccurate. She said majority of the sellers have either poor or no return policy and no legal coverage was available for the clients to claim in case they do not find the product as per offered claims and added standard. A shopper Muhammad Abdullah complained that he ordered for a track suit and the seller claimed his stuff was of international standard but when the product was delivered it was so poor in quality that it was not even comparable with a local product .

He regretted that there was no return policy to claim and he was clueless where to complaint about this fraud. He asked not to shop online and spare some time for a real shopping in a market to save time and money.

Senior, Vice President Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Islamabad,  Naina Nasira Ali said that online shopping was considerable a risk in Pakistan. She warned that there was 30 % chance of deception while online business with foreign brands but local market was full of deceit.

Naina said that some local brands were making this cheap business to earn swiftly like major brands, who were offering high quality  products with satisfied return policy.

While a senior official from Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP)  told APP that CCP was working on online market practices by different brands. They, he said, have received number of public complaints for low quality products and malpractices by some fake online sellers.They were trying to devise a special mechanism where their complains could be entertained to their entire satisfaction, he commented