FAISALABAD - Deputy Director Agriculture Malik M Zafar on Monday said that the government is taking revolutionary steps for welfare and betterment of farmers community. He said that traditional way of farming is not only increasing the cost of business but also proving insufficient to cater to the increasing food requirements of people. He advised the farmers to adopt new technologies which will not only increase per acre yield but also help farmers mitigate their financial constraints. He said that the government has set up laboratories for soil analysis and 15,193 soil samples were analyzed in Faisalabad during the current year. Similarly, the government has launched a vigorous campaign against the sale of spurious pesticides and the teams of Agriculture Department collected 497 samples from various pesticide shops. Out of them, 20 samples were declared unfit for use during laboratory tests. Therefore cases were registered against 19 pesticide dealers, he added.

The deputy director said that a crackdown on the sale of adulterated fertilizers was under way. Teams of Agriculture Department seized 650 kilograms of adulterated and spurious fertilizers from Faisalabad and Rs276,000 fine was imposed on 24 fertilizer dealers during 2018.

He said that the wheat cultivation target in Faisalabad district has been set at 655,398 acres of land and until now, crop had been sown on 585,225 acres.

He said that teams of Agriculture Department have also been activated to guide farmers regarding Kisan Cards and data of 19,650 farmers have been collected so far, he added.