LAHORE - Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz Sharif has said that due to inefficiency of the PTI government stock market has tumbled down while the rulers are busy in tamashas like demolishing walls of the Governor House, Punjab.

The government does not have any realisation of the gravity of the situation, Hamza said while talking to the mediamen here yesterday. He questioned the basis and law through which erasing of the Governor House Wall is being sought.

He asked the government to immediately attend to matter of serious national concern and other important issues shunning the attitude of non seriousness.

He said that the situation demands that attention should be paid to solving the economic problems, controlling the daily increasing prices of the commodities of everyday use, generating industrial activity and ending the uncertainty instead of wasting away time on the Governor House walls. The national problems will not be solved through pulling down the Governor House walls, he added. Commenting on the 100 days performance of the PTI government, he said that during that period the government did nothing except brining about tsunami of price hike adding to the financial miseries of the poor and creating hardships for the traders and businessmen.

He also criticised the Prime Minister statement on lifting economy through raising calves, chickens and eggs and said that Imran Khan is able only to breaking walls whether they are of the PTV building or the Parliament House during dharna or recent Governor House. He also sounded in a fix to understand the logic of fixing steel grills instead of boundary walls of the Governor’s House.

What is the point in spending crore of rupees on erecting steel grill after breaking walls worth of crore of rupees, he said.

He said that after Imran Khan disappointed the nation through contradiction in his words and action is now making the country a laughing stock at the international level.  Leader of the Opposition also expressed concern over the rising inflation in the country and said that it means more miseries for the common man.