PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has asked the PTI government to quit immediately as Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted his and his team’s inability to run the government and hinted at early elections in the country.  In a message, the PML-N spokesperson said it is a misperception that the Opposition wanted to topple the PTI government. She said fact of the matter is Imran Khan and his team are themselves sufficient to perform that task and the Opposition has no time to waste on this exercise. She said the prime minister lost trust in his ministers that has prodded him to state about the early elections. A PM has no right to stay in power anymore after he loses confidence in his own government, she added. She said Imran Khan is repeatedly talking about the NRO request from the Opposition. The NRO statement by Imran Khan is in fact a ploy to cover up inefficiency of his own government, she said, referring to a statement made by leader of Opposition Shehbaz Sharif about disclosing names of the Opposition leaders who sought NRO from the government. Marriyum said NRO in fact has been given to Aleema Khan. She said Imran Khan behind “money laundering and theft” by Aleema.