OKARA-The Prophet (SAWW) enlightened the whole world with the message of oneness of Allah Almighty, said Ch Imran Nasir Advocate. Addressing a Seeratun Nabi (SAWW) Conference here, he said that the Muslims should adhere to Islamic teachings and struggle for the spread of the message of Islam in the whole world.

“The Muslims should shun their differences and unite for the betterment of the Ummah,” he said, adding that the religious seminaries were the forts of Islam, and they would continue working till the end of the world. The conference was attended by lawyers including Haji Salman Mustafa, Ch Irfan Majeed, Mohsin Chohan, Shehzad Haidar Ch, and hundreds of other people.


An elderly man was found dead in a sugarcane field here the other day. The deceased identified as Allah Yar of village 31/GD went to Gogera to attend a marriage ceremony, but he did not reach the ceremony. The other morning, his mutilated dead body was found in a sugarcane field. The Gogera police registered a case.


Two women and a man were deprived of gold jewellery, cash, and three cell phones by four armed men here the other night.

According to police, Pathani Bibi w/o Noor Ahmed Kharal of Fojian, her sister-in-law Azra Bibi and Falak Sher were on the way back home in a rickshaw after obtaining medicine. Near village 14/GD, four armed men including Liaqat Ali, Afzal, Iqbal, and their one accomplice intercepted them. They snatched four tola gold jewellery, Rs28,000 cash, and three mobile cells from them and escaped. Satghara police registered a case.