KANDHKOT - Scores of disabled persons from various parts of Kashmore recorded their protest against non-implementation of five percent job quota in front of Kashmore Press Club on Monday.

A large number of disabled persons namely Wazir Ali, Barkat, Khaleeque Zaman, Hazzaro, Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed and others staged sit-in protest against government while they alleged that the government have not been implementing five percent job quota for disabled persons.

They raised placards and banners inscribed with demands of their rights. They said that the disabled persons are being deprived of their right.

They asked are they not a part of the society as they always have been ignored by government especially Kashmore administration.

They claimed that they are educated still they have been deprived for the job. They told that they are very poor and not able to earn due to disability however they compel to their children for labouring and begging. They appealed from Sindh chief minister for implementation of their demands.

It is worthy to mention here that third December is observed as the International Day for disabled people for asserting the right of disabled throughout globe.

However in various parts of world different organisations and departments organise different events, programs and also take out rallies encouraging them that they are not alone and also part of society.

But unfortunately in our country especially remote areas of Sindh no like such programmes arrange for creating awareness regarding their problems and challenges.