KARACHI - The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) woman lawmaker Sarwat Fatima demanded immediate release of their chief Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi and other leaders who have been implicated in sedition and terrorism cases.

Addressing a press conference here at the Karachi Press Club on Monday, Fatima alleged that the TLP is being politically victimised on the behest of the European Union. Allama Rizvi and other top leaders of the TLP have been booked in fabricated and baseless cases, she added.

Fatima, the member Sindh Assembly, was of the view that the TLP leadership is being targeted as it had taken clear stance on Asiya Bibi issue, adding that Allama Rizvi would be released soon after he makes a deal on this issue. “Not only the TLP chief but also the incarcerated workers would be released, if they show flexibility on Asiya’s case,” she said while making it clear that no deal would be made on the issue.

The woman lawmaker added that action against the politico-religious party which bagged over 2.3 million votes across the country is tantamount to make to create the situation like Syria, Egypt and Libya. Pakistan was founded on the name of Islam and the sedition cases should be lodged against those who want to implicate Liberalism and Secularism in the country.

Taking a jab at the Federal Minister for Information Fawwad Chaudhry, Fatima said that he holds the ministry just for his ability of lying. She rejected Chaudhry’s claim and said that the State Minister for Internal Affairs Shehryar Afridi had cleared that the TLP men were not involved in vandalizing during the protests.

“After arresting Allama Rizvi, Chaudhry told that he was taken in protective detention and after a week, he was incriminated in sedition case. During his detention, Allama Rizvi was forced to crack a deal in Asiya’s case and later was booked in fabricated cases when he turned down their deal,” said Fatima.

She said that the government had violated the agreement signed between it and the TLP for calling off the country-wide protest held against the acquittal of Asiya Bibi in blasphemy case. How can one rely on the government which violated the deal made publicly, she asked.

Fatima was of the view that if sedition cases are registered for holding sit-ins, the incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan should also be booked in the same cases as had held 126-day sit-in too. She also demanded that Asiya should be hanged at the earliest.