The new driver service within the country - Uber and Careem - have formed a monopoly in the market and get to dictate their terms to the employees as voiced by the protestors in a demonstration on Monday outside the Karachi Press Club against their management. This demonstration was against the reduction of their share, exploitation of their working hours and deduction of a certain percentage in the name of tax. There is no check and balance on these companies, which is what allows them to conduct business as they please. Although the previous government was in charge of this influx of companies, however, the sitting government needs to tackle this issue because it will cause several to lose their employment as a result of protesting the unfair policies.

A Careem representative, however, clarified that the tax imposed on them was not by their own accord but law by the Sindh government, which they were only complying by. In such a scenario, it is important for both provincial and federal governments to understand that the new tax regime does not impose significant cuts that decrease the net income of the drivers employed by these companies. They shifted to this new source of income in order to improve their livelihood. If the current policies, do not appease or incentivise the employees, there are chances of such companies no longer being viable in the Pakistani economy.

At the same time, it is important to investigate how these companies are functioning. If they are actually imposing policies of their own accord, there needs to be a check and balance in order to ensure that the workforce is not exploited in the name of entrepreneurship in the country. Customers have also complained of fares increasing all of a sudden in comparison to when both the companies started out. Any new business should be regulated in order to ensure a lack of monopoly so that the state can maintain autonomy over policies. The current situation allows independent parties to assume power and dictate terms which is not a healthy environment for businesses, employees, and customers.

Several new companies are also starting out, following suit to the initiative of careem and uber. These companies are an alternative to the lack of public transport in the country. If they are not regulated, they will also become a luxury that not many can afford.