KARACHI          -           It is the culture in our country to blame others for being corrupt. The politicians blame the bureaucrats while the bureaucrats blame the politicians but nobody is ready to take responsibility.

These views were expressed by the Deputy Director National Accountability Bureau, Karachi, Salahuddin Mughal while addressing the students during the seminar arranged by the Students’ Advisor Office, University of Karachi on Tuesday.

Mughal said: “Whenever one gets a chance, the corruption takes place. There is a misconception that funds are available for the development of projects. Despite the fact that the budget for development is available, there is no development in the country, because the development budget is distributed among politicians and government officers. It is the responsibility of all of us to identify flaws in the development work and raise our voice against corruption.”

The seminar entitled, ‘Role of youth against corruption’ was held in collaboration with the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, KU, at the Karachi University Business School.

Mughal shared that the youth of India and Bangladesh are well ahead of Pakistanis. In those countries, the common man speaks and writes English in daily routine, their nations are ahead of us in every field and globally.

DD NAB Karachi Mughal mentioned that corruption and poverty are also present in their systems but overall their system is good, they have prioritized education. He added that this is so unfortunate that our youth is full of talent but we have not prioritized education which is an essential part of the progress and success.

He advised young students that they should focus on studies and become an expert in their respected fields. “You can acquire globally significant positions which would not only empower your family but the whole country.” Mughal asked them you must help us to eradicate corruption. He informed students that if you see any of your relatives or anyone having more cars or property than their earnings, report it, we will ensure that we will take prompt action against them.

Meanwhile, the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi while addressing the students emphasised to review the causes of the spread of corruption in society.

“Unfortunately, there were no serious efforts to eradicate corruption. I am personally against the plea bargain, I have studied the laws of various countries of the world, nowhere there is this clause of plea bargain nor there any law which facilitates the criminals.”

He observed that we need to see whether NAB is serving the purpose for which it was established. He said that the corruption is present everywhere in the world, but there is no clause like plea bargain anywhere, corrupt elements take advantage of these flaws in the law and even if they are arrested, they get bail.

“We talk about reforms, but there is no significant reform which has a positive impact on the society.”