A tragic incident transpired in Tezgam express where almost 74 people are reportedly dead while around 40 people injured. The reason of inferno could not be ascertained as some people are saying that owing to short circuit it sparked flames in the train while some are of the view that due to burst of gas cylinder fire has brunt three bogies completely. Whatever the reason would be innocent people has lost lives and we all should look remedial measure so that such incidents should not be taken place in future. There should be an emergency door exit in each bogie so that in any emergency people may exit the bogie because if people want to leave bogie in any emergency, cannot leave immediately as around 70 people sit in each bogie and exit doors are only two. As there is very congested way to reach the door for exit it becomes very hard to rush in the bogie.

Last but not least, instead of putting blame on the people that due to burst of gas cylinder fire had brunt three bogies, due attention should also be given on maintenance of all bogies and to avoid any such untoward incident gas cylinders should be banned to carry in the trains in future.