Four Lions star Riz Ahmed came under fire on Monday when a Twitter thread revealed he may have failed to compensate an actor used for Ahmed's rap music video, "Mogambo".

Rashid Gujjar Pehlewan, the wrestler used in the video, was allegedly not even informed that the studio team using his shots meant to use it for Ahmed's Mogambo video. Promising Pehlewan that he would be paid 45,000 rupees after an initial payment of 15,000 rupees, Pehlewan accuses Ahmed of only giving the 15, 000 - disappearing from his life thereafter.

Awais Khalid, who was conducting research for the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) at the time, was the first person to tell Pehlewan the shots made of him had been used for a music video watched by hundreds of thousands of people. On Ahmed's Twitter profile, Mogambo is still featured as a "new single" Ahmed released.

On Twitter, Khalid writes: "No one from @rizmc's (Riz Ahmed) team felt it necessary to share the video with the man who played the central role. Rashid told me that he had been messaging to ask for photos that they had taken of him but no one from their team had even bothered to reply to him."

Khalid then goes on to show how Riz Ahmed has publicized his involvement in making the video on American television, sharing a clip of Ahmed speaking to late-night news host Jimmy Kimmel.

On the show, Riz Ahmed denied having personally known Rashid Pehlewan. But on his Instagram, Ahmed continues to have a picture of Rashid Pehlewan, saying: "This is traditional Pakistani wrestler aka 'pehlvaan', Rashid. Met him on my trip to Lahore this year."

Khalid continues: "Rashid is a full-time Pehlwan and with the decline of the popularity of the sport, he struggles to make ends meet on the minimum wage he earns playing for department teams. For @rizmc to exploit the labor of a man from a lower socioeconomic class makes this even worse."

Ironically, Khalid notes Riz Ahmed promoted the track for those who feel "unheard, unvalued and unwanted". Both Khalid and Pehlewan have separately attempted to contact Ahmed himself and his team, but as of yet, have received no response.