The new traffic police force is rendering valuable service in Lahore. They have managed to control the ever-increasing flow of traffic and also enforced the traffic rules through heavy challans. The challans are an effective deterrent but isn't this heavy fines regime too ham-handed? In the areas administered by DHA, traffic signals have timers attached to them that allow a driver coming at high speed to judge the distance and time and anticipate whether he will be able to cross the signal within the time left for signal change. That is a far more effective deterrent of rash driving and the resultant challans and accidents. In rest of the city, drivers coming towards a green signal at very high speed often have to apply dead brakes when the signal suddenly turns red with out warning. That can often cause the cars to skid or slide on. That presents the possibility of an accident for the driver or opportunity for a challan to the policeman. I think timers should be installed on all traffic signals to allow for a smoother flow of traffic within the city. -MUHAMMAD ATIF KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, January 30.