It is distressing to learn that some villainous elements are lobbying to obtain green signal from government for sugar import. If they are allowed, this measure will take a heavy toll on the consumers. The cane crop yield has been reported to be below the target and the crushing season is ending in April. That means there is every likelihood that overall sugar production would drop to 3.5 million tons. That means there would be a shortfall of half a million ton in the annual domestic sugar requirement that is estimated to be close to four million tons. This is a tailor-made scenario in favour of the elements lining up to exploit the market. It is government's responsibility to fend off sugar import at a time when there is fear of a looming supply shock. Market watchers say if the government succumbs to the lobbying of the sugar importers with nefarious designs of personal gains, consumers are in for a bad time. -MOHAMMAD SALEEM SHAIKH, Karachi, via e-mail, January 24.