PESHAWAR - Militants blew up a bridge in Khyber Agency on Tuesday, closing a crucial supply line for NATO troops in Afghanistan. The 100-foot iron bridge in Khyber, built on a culvert under the British Raj, was destroyed early in the morning and all traffic on Peshawar-Torkham road came to a standstill, official Tariq Hayat said. A security official said paramilitary forces were working to repair the bridge and resume traffic flow on the only route through the fabled but militant-infested Khyber Pass into Afghanistan. "The traffic will be restored by tomorrow at midday," said the official. "Hundreds of vehicles are stuck up on both sides of the bridge," said local official Rahat Gul. Bulldozers and other building equipment have been moved to the site and repair work has been started. The traffic flow has been diverted to Landi Kotal-Kum Shalman-Malogri road. As per details, some unknown miscreants planted explosive materials under the bridge at Katta Kushta near historical Ali Masjid in Khyber Agency. The explosion was severe and heard in several parts of the agency. Besides destruction of the bridge, the explosion also caused damage to a loaded truck. However, no loss of life was reported. As a result of bridge destruction, traffic between Pakistan and Afghanistan was suspended. Similarly, all sorts of supplies to the US-led forces were suspended. Thousands of trucks loaded with transit and commercial goods stranded both in Khyber Agency and certain parts of Peshawar. Soon after the explosion high-ranking authorities including Political Agent of Khyber Agency rushed to the site and directed the quarters concerned for early construction of alternative road. So far, efforts were under way for alternative means and the authorities were hopeful about restoration of traffic. Though Taliban have not yet claimed responsibility for destruction of the bridge but the authorities believe involvement of certain militants who were recently flushed away from Jamrud and Landikotal regions. During recent military action, the authorities have apprehended more than two dozen notorious militants from Jamrud and Landikotal regions.