Pakistan today is facing a very difficult situation in its tribal areas. The main problem is that Islamabad's policies for dealing with the situation are not being recognized by the international community. The world is criticizing Pakistan's behavior towards American drone attacks even as the government faces the public wrath at not reacting as it should for securing its sovereignty. The remit of US actions was originally limited to Afghanistan but with the passage of time it has extended its activities inside Pakistan. Pakistan needs to take this issue to the UN and launch a proper, diplomatic offensive. This is the time Pakistan should also try to strike a deal with Russia and other friendly countries for advanced technology to counter the US threat. One thing we must do forthwith is to stop these daily visits of the US high officials. Awarding the top Pakistani medal, Hilal-e-Quaid, to Richard Boucher was a slap in the face of the nation. We should have lowered the protocol for the US dignitaries instead. -ASMA RANI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 22.