Pakistan must go "further and faster" in prosecuting those suspected of being involved in November's attacks on the Indian city of Mumbai, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Wednesday. Miliband said that Pakistan had made positive steps on the probe since he visited the country last month, but added that those had to be "translated into prosecutions and, if people are found guilty, into punishment." "The absolute priority is for the Pakistani government to go further and faster in turning the detention of those who they believe were associated with the Mumbai bombings into prosecutions, and then if they're found guilty, punishment," Miliband said, speaking at a thinktank event in London. He said that was "the absolute fundamental building block of any sort of rebuilding of trust." Miliband said that in his discussions with Pakistani military and civilian leaders during his visit to the country, he had been struck by how unanimous their views were on the threats posed by terrorism to Pakistan.