With reference to recent developmental work on roads of Rawalpindi-Islamabad, I want to draw the attention of higher authorities to grievances of those citizens who don't own their personal vehicles. The flyovers from Kuri Road, Jinnah Town, and Zia Masjid bus-stop have been removed while constructing highways. For thousands of people from these areas, crossing the road every day has become bit of a problem. And I am not talking of weak, ill, old or children; even good, stout men have a problem crossing the road because of fast flow of traffic here. We have accidents every day on these stops. Why aren't those in authority bothered about the common pedestrian? I think because they have assumed that those that don't have vehicles of their own are as good as dead. They know more than half the country's population can't even dream of buying a bicycle, let alone a proper vehicle. The pedestrians who die from road accidents die due to measures not taken by the government. It should accept the responsibility of loss of their lives and should do something to save them. -TANVIR HUSSAIN KHAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 28.