The resignation of Iqbal Qasim, chief selector of the PCB, reflects his sense of honor. The example he has set for others, including members of our political elite and civil & uniformed bureaucracy, needs to be followed. The comprehensive defeat of our cricket team due to poor performance on the field merits a thorough reassessment of the PCB board, team selection process, training, indeed, their entire approach to the game. The shamefully childish behaviour of Shahid Afridi in the last ODI match, he committed a heinous cricketing crime on camera, has only added to our woes. Winning and losing is part of the game. But in this case, the spirit of the game has been lost to the greed of some of our players and some others from the sports management who are only there because of their political clout. Critics like Sarfraz Nawaz have no role to play in Pakistan cricket, nor do men like Ijaz Butt, Javed Miandad or Wasim Bari. Players must concentrate on cricket alone and should not be encouraged to get involved in other matters. The dressing room needs to be free of religious fanatics breaking into sermons, as well as discrimination on the basis of belief. It should also be cleansed of power politics. Those who have had their names tarnished in the past for match-fixing must not allowed to assume any position of authority, be it in the selection committee, or as a coach. Nor should they be allowed to break into the squad as part of the management. Team selection should be on merit and merit alone. Neither politics, nor ethnic considerations have any role in the selection of a team. -MIAN SHAMS, Lahore, February 1.