KARACHI A former first class cricketer has slammed critics who, he said, had run berserk to blame the PCB and the selectors for the poor performance of Pakistan team on Australian tour and has said that it was the failure of the captain and team management that led to double whitewash in Test and ODI series against the host. Almost all those who are sparing no barbs to criticise the PCB and the selectors were doing so for personal agenda. The reality is that the team leadership and the team management failed utterly which resulted in the double whitewash in Test and ODI series, said Ahmed Mustafa, a well-known batsmen of the yore who was a contemporary of Hanif Muhammad, in an interview with TheNation here Wednesday. Blaming the PCB chairman Ijaz Butt or the selectors for what happened in Australia was just unfair and based on ignorance and lack of knowledge of those who were using all the kinds of media to malign the cricket administrators for defeats which he said was unjustified. To prove his point, he said when the team wins a test or title all the praise and reward go to the team captain, the players and the team management and no one praises good administration and good selection. The victory is credited to the captain, the team management and the players and everyone forgets about the PCB or the selectors. Why is that in victory no credit was given to the PCB or the selectors and why every defeat was put at the doors of the PCB or the selectors, he agitatedly asked. The chairman of the PCB or selectors all were as much hurt and disappointed as the whole nation. They were not celebrating but feeling hurt and had every reason to ask as to why a team management and captain despite getting the best facilities and players failed. Both the chairman of the PCB or the chief selector Iqbal Qasim had nothing to do for the double whitewash. The PCB provided everything needed to the players to tour and the selection committee selected the best possible team. But when the team failed the entire blame was being directed at those two individuals sparing the captain, the team manager and all other coaches. He reminded the critics to differentiate between the PCB and the selectors and the leadership and the team management who were responsible for what happed on the tour. To prove his point that the PCB and the selectors, team captain and team management work in separate spheres, he reminded those who are running roughshod to criticize only the administration and selectors. Captaincy counted a lot in gelling the team and utilizing teams resources for a good performance. The team management manager, coaches all give a helping hand to the captain. But unfortunately the team leadership failed miserably and so did the manager Abdul Raquib, coaches, Intikhab Alam, Waqar Younis and Aaqib Javed. The writ of the captain or the team management was not seen from the day the team landed in New Zealand for along and ardous tour, he added. Pakistan team that toured New Zealand and Australia was the best. Almost all the top and the best players were there. The selectors made the best selection but the team failed because the leadership and the team management failed, he said. He said it hurts to see and listen to persons who were not seen on cricket grounds or had never handled a bat or a ball to speak with so much authority and putting the blame at the wrong door. He said he saw no point of chief selector Iqbal Qasim resigning but added when the media started hounding, one had no other option but to make a respectable exit.