ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has chalked out Islamabad Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan (WCDCP) following the persistent dry spell and to tackle the aggravating water crises-like situation in Capital. In this regard the authority held a briefing for media men here at Jinnah Convention Centre on Wednesday. Addressing the newsmen, Chairman CDA Imtiaz Inayat Elahi warned, through given statistics, that if dry spell continued in upcoming days then the already small supply of water to the capital would cut be short to its half. While giving statistics of three major sources of water supply to Islamabad, he said that on Feb 1, Simly dam stood at its lowest water level of 2260.25 feet in last four years and the present stock of water is 1696 million gallons, while drawl of water from here has been reduced from Feb 1 to 17 MGD till Feb 9. In this way the 153 MGD water would be consumed and the stock on Feb 10 would be 1543 MGD. Water drawl situation from Simly dam would be reviewed on Feb 9 and if the situation would not change and the dry spell remained persistent then the per day water supply would be cut short to 14 MGD from 17 MGD in a bid to prolong the usage of water stock from the dam till June 1. Present inflow in Simly dam is around 1.5 MGD, but it is not good news as this much water goes into evaporation and design leakage in the embankment, hence cannot be banked upon. Snowmelt is likely to take effect in April and if the inflow increases to more than 1.5 MGD the plan would be further reviewed. According to briefing, second big reservoir of water Khanpur dam was operated by WAPDA. Chairman said that WAPDA high ups had assured 6 MGD from Feb 1 to March 31, however, it would be cut short to 3 MGD from April 1 till May 31 but there were not any written commitments regarding water supply after that date but the verbal ones. Regarding the third source of water that is tube wells, he said that there was a network of 188 tube wells out of them 26 are out of order. After the reduction of water production in coming days, the tanker service shall be the worst hit, he said adding that at present there were 39 water tankers out of which 15 were out of order. Present number of complaints regarding water supply is 600. He said that under the WCDCP plan the out of order tube wells would be repaired while the damaged and broken underground water supply lines would be identified and be repaired. Priority would be given to repair the main water supply lines, he said. Service stations are being put on rationed supply and they would be open only on weekends, he said adding that special teams would repair float valves and leaking taps especially in govt apartments. Special awareness drives for water conservation would be carried out through media while fines would also be imposed on violators. Chairman said that so far CDA had served 1200 notices to violators. Chairman also flouted such other suggestions, however, to a question he said, We have been waiting for funds which would be utilised in repairing of underground water supply lines, a major source of wastage of water.